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Financial Contributions

If you wish to support our mission, there is always something you can do to contribute!
Some options on how you can support our actions financially are presented below:

To make a contribution, please use our Triodos account or visit our GoFundMe page.

Triodos Bank:
Forest Forces Foundation
IBAN: NL75TRIO0379721678

Go Fund Me:  Support Chief Dadá Borarí – Protect The Amazon

Some options on how you can support our actions financially are presented below:

Amount (in €)


Function and added value

€ 10


Protects against snakes and scorpions during forest patrols

€ 50

Power Bank

To charge GPS camera

€ 50 – 150

Solar charger (small or big) with lamp

For charging GPS-camera. Lamp is for team member of forest protection team 

€ 100

Transport costs (gas) for going to town/forest law authorities 

E.g. for Chief Dadá en his (police) bodyguards for transport going to town

€ 250 

Bicycle /all terrain bike with luggage rack

For patrolling indigenous territory, increases radius of action

€ 500

Waterproof GPS-camera with memory card 

Allows for registering GPS locations of illegal forest activities

€ 750

Forest Crime Prevention Kit  (see below)

Supporting a traditional community by stimulating forest crime prevention and law enforcement

€ 2,000

Drone with phone 

Forest monitoring at a safe distance 

€ 5,000

Solar energy central 

Allows for use of computer and  drone in community 

€ 10,000

Legal support for a community on the deforestation frontline

Allows for paying for a local lawyer to investigate land rights issues and possible civil cases

€ 50,000 – 100,000

Indigenous train the trainers program 

Geographically expanding to new areas and new communities via train the indigenous trainers  program

€ 500,000 and more

Supporting further professionalization and internationalisation of Forest Forces

Scale up activities and impacts of Forest Forces organisation and network, in Amazon Rainforest and beyond

€ 1 million and more

Expanding to other rainforests and continents

Sharing best practices of community forest protection

Forest Forces Crime Prevention Kit:

€ 500
€ 150
€ 50
€ 50
€ 750

GPS Camera including batteries
Solar charger
Power Bank
Boots + rain coat
Total costs