Chief Dada meets Pope Francis at the Vatican

After numerous Covid-19 tests and a ten-day quarantine, two indigenous leaders from Pará (Chief Dadá Borari and his brother Poraborari) participated at the Vatican in a meeting of the Laudato Si Movement with Pope Francis.

Chief Dadá was personally invited by Pope Francis for this special meeting. On the photo you can see Pope Francis holding Dadá’s letter of reply to the Pope, written on wood from the Amazon forest. Dadá is holding a small statue of Francis in his hands. In the church in the Amazon they have a very old broken 19th century statue so in the village they had asked for a new one. Now Dadá has a new statue from the Vatican, blessed by the Pope.

Dadá was singing a traditional song (“We are warriors, I am a warrior”) and he told that he and Pope Francis danced the Surara.

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