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Forest Forces is about protecting nature by making alliances: connecting local and national justice forces, supported by international forces.

Forest Forces combines (ancient) local knowledge from indigenous communities with (modern) scientific knowledge, like criminology and GPS technology.

We apply scientific concepts and best practices of criminology in order to combat and especially prevent forest and wildlife crime, based on the criminological concept of situational crime prevention. 

We need your support! If you wish to make a financial contribution to our cause, please use our Triodos Bank account:

Forest Forces Foundation
IBAN: NL75TRIO0379721678 (BIC: TRIONL2U)

Our Objective

By far, most deforestation in the Brazilian Amazone is illegal. Our mission is to preserve and protect tropical rainforests together with indigenous communities by supporting them with science (criminological insights on how to reduce criminal activities), technology (digital cameras with GPS coordinates), and access to enforcement agencies, like police and justice.

The foundation’s three key activities:

  • Supply of tools and equipment for better surveillance, such as the distribution of solar-powered GPS-cameras for surveillance teams
  • Building local capacity and empowerment
  • Funding of legal abilities in support of local justice

We play an active role in the international dialogues where we disseminate the findings of our work on the ground.

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