The progress

Local forest protection

GPS referenced pictures have enabled several traditional communities to stop  and especially prevent illegal logging and small scale deforestation. Brazilian authorities such as  the Public Prosecutor’s Office have welcomed the possibility of using GPS-referenced pictures as possible proof of illegal forest activities.

The most obvious success was in Maró Indigenous Community (T.I. Maró) in the state of Pará. GPS cameras allowed their surveillance team to collect GPS-evidence of illegal logging activities within their territory. Eventually, eight logging concession were cancelled and several timber companies were expelled from their Indigenous Territory, with impacts for long-term deterrence of illegal forest activities.

This project exemplifies how local forest protection, even in remote areas without electricity and telephone, can be carried out effectively and inexpensively by supporting communities with access to trusted law enforcement actors.

The model can be replicated in other areas, especially in indigenous and other areas with GPS borders. We intend to intend to expand, in Brazil and elsewhere. But we need your help. Please support Forces Forces!